Liability and Equipment Insurance

Benefits Highlights

There’s no more waiting a week or more for your insurance certificate! You can submit your insurance request anytime through and then our insurance broker will reach out to you in 24 hours to secure your certificate. Like always, you will need a current NAME membership number to purchase. It only takes a few minutes to submit for your insurance certification online so no stress on those last minute bookings!

Comprehensive liability limits $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate, $2,000,000 products & completed operations aggregate premises.

For insurance information and coverage, contact Loomis Co. at or call 484-334-9089 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST for information and pricing.

Join N.A.M.E. today to take advantage of discounted equipment and liability insurance.

The National Association of Mobile Entertainers and Loomis Co. have teamed up to provide association members with the most comprehensive Liability and Equipment insurance benefits for mobile entertainers available today. They also offer one day insurance coverage and can find coverage for any creative ideas you may have!

Loomis Co. offers paperless insurance to address additional insured and evidence of insurance requests. Venues and clients can now receive confirmation of active insurance through email.

Each entertainer insurance program has been uniquely designed to address your specific entertainment insurance needs by affiliating with industry associations and creating insurance policies that respond to the associated risk. Loomis Co. deals with managing risk so you can focus on your business.

Equipment Insurance

Coverage is for sound equipment, related accessories and music libraries and applies while on and off your premises. Risks of direct physical loss, except those specifically excluded are covered. You may insure additional non-sound equipment related property at the same rate of $10 per thousand (e.g. office equipment, furniture, fixtures, etc.).

Equipment Coverage is optional and must accompany a N.A.M.E. Loomis Co. policy. Minimum coverage limit is $15,000. Higher limits are available by request.

N.A.M.E. has successfully negotiated a new $2,000,000 OCCURRENCE limit at a highly discounted rate so you can keep up with venue’s ever changing insurance requirements. You can now have double the coverage for only 50% additional liability premium. Make sure you click the link in the liability section to price the double limit option and get this benefit.

New members
You must be an active member of N.A.M.E National Association of Mobile Entertainers to access our exclusive discounted Liability and Equipment insurance benefits. To become a N.A.M.E. member click here.

Existing members
If you are an existing N.A.M.E. member, you can begin the renewal process online at You will need a current N.A.M.E. membership number to complete the application.

Your unique N.A.M.E. member number will be included in your membership email. Members are asked to complete the entire application upon renewal each year to ensure accuracy of information.

If you have any insurance questions, please call Loomis Co. at 484-334-9089 or email