Starting January 2022, Loomis Co. is the National Association of Mobile Entertainers new insurance brokers offering insurance coverage for anything our creative members can think of and worker’s comp!

We heard your concerns and are happy to announce Loomis Co. will be providing excellent customer service for our members through phone calls, emails and an online option to begin your application at Loomis Co. is a small business based out of Reading, PA and family run operation much like NAME and our members so they understand the need for hands on treatment. We will have not one but four people working on NAME Entertainer accounts during weekdays Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST and someone eager and willing to talk to you. Need special event insurance? Loomis is your one stop shop for the best competitive rates. Have any over the top creative ideas? Loomis can cover it!

A current NAME Entertainers membership is required to purchase insurance. Call the NAME office to renew 215-658-1193 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, email or renew online at

Please feel free to call or email the Loomis team to get to know them and secure your insurance.

Kelli Gerth, Account Executive, 484-334-9089

Christine Hafer, Account Manager, 610-374-4040, Ext. 2236

Lindsay Colon, Customer Service Representative, 610-374-4040, Ext. 2250

For insurance certificates from before 2022 and beyond,


To file an insurance claim, please contact Janette Van Horn, 610-374-4040, Ext. 2251

We also offer Workers’ Comp for most states!

We heard our members mentioning that most states are also demanding workers compensation proof along with insurance so we moved at lighting fast speed to make this available to our members. Here’s the scoop…

Ohio, Wyoming, Washington and North Dakota prohibit the sale of workers compensation insurance by private insurers. These states are called “monopolistic states” because they require employers to purchase workers compensation coverage from a government-operated insurance fund. A monopolistic state fund is government-owned and operated fund that is set up to provide insurance coverage in specified states and territories. Employers must purchase coverage from the state fund and no private parties may compete for the business.

Please access these websites for these four excluded states:

Ohio –

Wyoming –

Washington –

North Dakota –

When applying for workers compensation coverage, please have the following information on hand:

-Business Name including any DBA

-Business Address

-Number of full time and part-time employees

-Estimated annual payroll by class code (clerical, outside sales, entertainer, booking agent, etc)


-Type of business (LLC, Sole Proprietor, Corporation)

-Names/Dates of Birth/SS# of owners

-Percentage of ownership for each owner

Please contact the account managers for NAME at Loomis Co. to get started today!

Kelli Gerth, Account Executive, 484-334-9089

Christine Hafer, Account Manager, 610-374-4040, Ext. 2236

We are excited to work with this professional group of brokers and look forward to a long partnership as we continue to grow our association’s offerings. Stay tuned as we work on expanding internationally!