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Meet NAME’s lawyer, Edwin Slagsvol better known as Whit, from Sweetgrass Lawyers in South Carolina. Whit has offered to give NAME members 15% off on any services pertaining to law and setting up an easy LLC for only $850 (plus filing fees). He can do everything from trademarks, to contract drafting and negotiations, to entity restructuring and reorganization. Whit can help anyone, regardless of where they are located in the United States. He can handle some manner of dispute resolution, but will not be able to file any lawsuits unless they are in South Carolina. Referrals are available upon request. Email whit@sweetgrasslawyers.com to connect and keep an eye on the blog for valuable legal and business building advice.

Here we will discuss which states in the USA are best and easiest to set up an LLC.

Q: What are the best states to start a small business?

A: You will always hear people talk about Delaware being the state to form your business in, and there are definite benefits for large companies to organize in DE for complicated boring legal reasons.  Some states like Nevada and Wyoming allow owners of an LLC to be anonymous, which some people find valuable. Ultimately the best state is probably the state where you are located or reside predominantly. If you are an LLC from one state and you perform services in another state, you need to file for a certificate of authority to conduct business in whatever state you are in.

Q: What are the worst states and why?

A: Delaware is expensive and very slow. Many states of online filing which is very easy and convenient and quick. New York is exceptionally slow. Both Delaware and New York you can pay for expedited processing, but it is expensive. New York has an online system, but it is only available to big big companies and is expensive to have access to.

Q: So I can start a business in any state, even if I don’t live there?

A: Each state has specific rules for who and how to form an LLC in that state. You cannot form a business in any state freely, it changes from state to state.

Q: Why is the USA set up like this and how is this legal?

A: I dunno, the 80s were a wild time and capitalism is a hell of a drug.

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