Hypnotist Brian Hook from Cape Coral, FL.

Q: What is your name, profession and where do you live?

A: My name is Brian Hook and I currently live in Cape Coral, FL.

Q: How did you hear about Name Entertainers?

A: I heard about Name Entertainers by accident. For many years, I performed before everyone started wanting proof of insurance. So I got insurance but it was pretty expensive. One day I was browsing a colleague’s site and found he had insurance through NAME, so that is how I first heard of your company. (Sign up online today!)

Q: How does being a NAME member help your business?

A: I’m hoping being a member gets me more gigs. So far I haven’t booked any gigs from NAME, but I am hopeful!

Q: What inspired you to become a hypnotist?

A: I was inspired at a very young age to become a hypnotist. A local well-known hypnotist by the name of Dr. Michael Dean came to my high school in San Diego. When I seen the hypnosis performed, it was then that I wanted to be a hypnotist, not only to overcome shyness around girls but to become a celebrity to perform on TV. At age 16 I found a hypnosis school that taught people to become hypnotherapist,  so I called them to see if I could learn hypnosis for entertainment. They said yes, so I signed up, took the classes and by age 17, I was a certified master hypnotist through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. The instructor also mentioned I should see if a local performing hypnotist at Carlos Murphy restaurant (Marshall Sylver), might have some pointers about the entertainment side of hypnosis. The rest is history. I was the world’s youngest performing hypnotist in the world! I was literally performing and hypnotizing by age 17 back in 1987.

Q: Is it true not everyone can be hypnotized and if so, why not?

A: Not everyone allows or is willing to be hypnotized , so if they don’t want to be hypnotized,  they won’t. However everyone can be hypnotized. It’s just a choice people make not to be forced in to doing something that they don’t want to do. Main reason these people aren’t hypnotized,  they fail to concentrate and focus.

Q: Tell us about your comedy stage hypnosis?

A: My comedy stage hypnosis is based primarily on everyone having fun. The second part is with making hypnosis entertaining,  it’s easy to educate them about hypnosis,  and how it’s beneficial to them and their achievement of their goals.

Q: Why perform comedy and not regular stage hypnosis?

A: I perform comedy hypnosis (same as stage hypnosis). Using comedy keeps people engaged and having fun. When people have fun, they come back again and again to watch in how magical hypnosis is.

Q: Do you have any special deals going on?

A: From time to time, I run special deals. Currently if clients are a high school, college or corporate gig, I’m offering buy one get one free. So for example if a high school books me for their prom entertainment, they get a second show for maybe a school assembly or grad night. It’s a great deal!

Q: How can people find you and follow you?

A: Currently people can find me on www.hypno1dr.com,  on the Name Entertainers website search engine, The Bash, Gigsalad, member of the Association for Performing of Campus Activities (college market) and YouTube.

An impressive array of past clients!

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