Starting January 2022, Loomis Co. is the National Association of Mobile Entertainers new insurance brokers offering coverage for anything our creative members can think of!

We heard your customer service concerns and are happy to announce NAME Entertainers has now partnered with Loomis Co. as NAME’s exclusive insurance broker. The Loomis Company will be providing better customer service for our members through phone calls, emails and an online option to begin a quote at 

The Loomis Company is a family-run operation, much like NAME Entertainers and our members, so they understand the need for hands-on service. We will have four people working on NAME Entertainer accounts during weekdays Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. E.S.T. all eager and willing to talk to you. If you have any over-the-top creative ideas, Loomis can cover them! 

Here’s what they had to tell us:

Q: When and where did Loomis Co. begin?

A: The Loomis Company was founded by Edwin Loomis in the mid-1950s. We started as a family-owned business and have grown to a national company focusing on service, expertise and technology. We continue to operate out of Berks County, Pennsylvania, where we began and we continue to be a family-run insurance company.

Q: Who is in charge of Loomis Co. now and how big is the company?

A: Jim Loomis serves as C.E.O. and James Loomis Jr. serves as Chief Operating Officer. We are among the top 100 diversified insurance brokers in the United States and employ upwards of 800 coworkers operating in Pennsylvania, New York and Florida.

Q: What are your core business values?

A: The central tenant of Loomis is customer care. We are mission-driven to know our customers and not treat them as a policy number.

Q: Who is the team working with NAME Entertainers? 

A: Kelli Gerth is NAME’s primary account executive. She began her career with The Loomis Company in 1980. She has received her Certified Insurance Service Representative designation and Certified Insurance Counselor designation. Kelli has worked as a Customer Service Representative, Claims Manager and Account Manager in the commercial property and casualty division. Kelli has become one of The Loomis Company’s top account executives through drive and determination. Being customer service-oriented, she enjoys working with businesses, reviewing their current insurance programs and discussing their total cost of risk. The entire team is as follows:

Kelli Gerth, Account Executive, 484-334-9089

Christine Hafer, Account Manager, 610-374-4040, Ext. 2236

Lindsay Colon, Customer Service Representative, 610-374-4040, Ext. 2250

For certificates before 2022 and after, contact

Q: What is the goal of this partnership?

A: Kelli is a hands-on person, and customer service is her superpower. “The clients I will be serving are hardworking and dedicated to their craft; that both intrigues and motivates me. I’m in a position of removing some of the risks from their lives so that they may fully focus on what they love and share it with the world,” said Kelli.

Q: Will you provide more customer service for NAME members?

A: Customer service is the core tenant of our business! You can expect good service from us and at the very most, a 24-hour turnaround.

Q: We hear Loomis Co. can provide even more to our members outside of America. Can you expand on that?

A: The Loomis Company has always been forward-thinking. We use technology to strengthen our reach for the customers we serve regardless of their size or location. We will expanding NAME outside of the U.S.A. by 2023.

Q: If I want to create a certificate of insurance online as a NAME member, how do I do so?

A:  You can begin a quote online at Be sure to contact Loomis Co. to secure the certificate with a 24-hour turnaround. We are working on downloadable certificates of insurance for 2022.

Q: Will you be able to provide one-day coverage? How about coverage for a really crazy, creative idea?

A: Yes! Our depth of experience allows us to find the best coverage for your circumstance and not many ideas are too crazy to consider; they simply require equally creative solutions on our end.

Q: So, I have to be a NAME member to access all these Loomis benefits? How do I do that?

A: Call the office at 215-658-1193, email or sign up online anytime at Soon afterward, NAME staff will formulate a new member number and email-connect you with the team at Loomis, who will ask you a series of questions to find the best coverage and pricing available.

Q: How can I learn more about Loomis Co.?

A: Please visit the website at

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