We had the opportunity to connect with Shawn Hazan of The Hazan Media Group, new owners of both DJX & DJ Life Mag. We discussed the rebranded and reimagined DJ Expo/DJ Times properties and its future evolution. The below is a recap on just some of the exciting initiatives HMG has for America’s largest and longest running DJ event. More to come as we continue to touch base with Shawn on the road to DJX’22.

Q: We hear the DJ Expo is getting a marketing makeover to a more streamlined DJX, can you expand on this rebranding concept?

A: Simply put, our rebranding represents the next 30+ years for the DJ industry’s largest event, while paying homage to the 30+ year legacy our team has created. Under the new stewardship of Hazan Media Group (HMG), we see a great deal of new, integrated and curated content and media opportunities for DJX and the community it serves.  The rebrand signifies a natural evolution to expand on these opportunities, both at DJX onsite and year-round.

Q: The show floor is also getting an upgrade of a more balanced flow and lower decibels so people can talk, can you tell us more?

A: All participants, attendees and exhibitors deserve the opportunity to gain the most from the DJX experience. We have spent a lot of time since DJX’21 talking to the market and these topics are often discussed. There must be a balance of energy and opportunity, which we believe is our responsibility to the market as a whole – and we will continuously work towards that goal.

Q: We love the idea of DJX Talks, what is it exactly and how does it benefit attendees?

A:  We believe that a trade event is a magnifying glass to the industry it represents AND it should represent the market it magnifies. DJX Talks is an interactive forum, designed not only to develop authentic, ongoing relationships with the attendees, but also to understand their needs. The result and benefit will be an ongoing evolution on the show floor, educational offerings and our DJX After Dark series just by understanding those needs. We seek to represent not just products from such amazing brands, but also to continuously craft and customize that experience for our attendees.

Q: What exactly are in-house Attendee Experience Specialists?

A: We see a need to have a more dedicated focus on the attendee experience. That focus includes and goes beyond the show experience via marketing, sharing information, surveying and providing opportunities specifically for the attendee. It is a vital part of our strategy moving forward. The launch of DJX Talks provides just one initiative for the industry to “See, Hear & Connect” at DJX. 

A couple catches the vibe at DJX 2021. MetroMix Media Photography.
Our very own board member Sean “Big Daddy” McKee representing at DJX. Ronald Mungo Photography.

Q: Attendee branding campaigns sound very promising! How will this help promote small businesses?

A: Attendee branding allows the opportunity to humanize the experience. It also provides for promotion of the talent that attends the show. We have a few initiatives we will be implementing to further promote attendees – and even more ideas for the future. Our “sibling” properties (DJX and DJ LIFE Mag) offer a unique opportunity to create content socially, journalistically and digitally via streaming, broadcasting and in-person immersive experiences. It is an integrated approach that focuses on building relationships, as opposed to being merely transactional. The value that provides is priceless.

Q: The focus on expanding the community is especially important during these trying times. How exactly will DJX be implementing these ideas?

A: The expansion of the community speaks to diversity and inclusivity – both of which are values we hold closely at the Hazan Media Group. We agree that now is a time to strengthen and gather the industry instead of fractionalizing it. We also believe we have a responsibility to the market, with both properties, to lead by example and to ensure all parties come to the table. The impact that a DJ makes on the consumer is indelible, and providing an environment where DJs can learn from one another only adds to that cause. To that end, we have implemented a series of collaborative initiatives designed specifically to speak to those values and are confident those efforts will be evident at the DJX’22.

To attend, click here for tickets https://www.eventbrite.com/e/djx22-dj-expo-tickets-199277142297. And don’t forget to call the office 215-658-1193, email info@nameentertainers.com and/or sign up for the newsletter to get your NAME Entertainers member discount code!

Stay tuned for a very exciting announcement we have coming regarding something very new at DJX!

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