The wide world of Zoom meetings is the new normal!

The world of mobile entertainment has gone through some tough times due to the pandemic. Bands, hypnotists, DJs, jugglers, balloon artists, and more have all been feeling the pressure of the restrictions brought on by the virus which has struck the U.S. and the world.

For example, stage hypnotists deliver their performances in front of an audience in theaters and clubs across the country but, to deliver their comedic shows, they need participation from those attending the venues and that’s not been possible with many of the locations being temporarily closed. Many musicians perform at weddings, but they were affected too due to the pandemic, leaving them looking for alternative ways to ply their trade or perfect their skills.

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While the more traditional methods of entertainment have suffered, it’s brought the world of digital media to the fore. There have been people moving to YouTube to earn their living and audiences have lapped up stand-up comedians taking to the virtual stage. But it wasn’t only entertainers who were heading digital. Award ceremonies like the Nobel Prize were also conducted online, so there was a demand for comperes too, which even extended into the live gaming market. Players who have been affected by the closure of casinos have taken to the internet to enjoy gaming, and some dealers now feature in live online games; there are even TV-style gameshows on there too. There are several live gameshows on Gala Bingo, including Mega Wheel and Dream Catcher. These are notable for having a live presenter, and the key to their success is the quality of the presentation and how they respond to participants. Some would say how they present themselves is similar to the cornerstones of live entertainment, and they’re more prevalent than ever across the gaming spectrum. So, if you want to be the next Alex Trebek, you can use those mobile entertainment skills in digital media to great effect. But, what are the key skills you need, and how can you improve them?

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Calming the nerves

This is a different stage than you’re used to, so those first performance nerves may return before the camera goes live. So, remember to eat before you start; it might be the least of your worries at the time but avoiding having an empty stomach can help you be more alert. If you’ve already fueled up and are still feeling the nerves, consider a brisk walk because a burst of physical activity can help use up those stress hormones. It will undoubtedly help you feel a lot calmer.

Passion aplenty

Your audience will engage more with what you’re saying if you speak about it with real conviction and passion. Gaining knowledge about the subject matter will purvey a sense of enthusiasm, and the viewer will appreciate that. Also, if you demonstrate a passion, it can help you better any pre-show nervousness. You’ll be so preoccupied with what you’re saying so, the worries about how the audience beyond the camera is enjoying the show will be a distant thought.

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Participation is key

The world of online presentation brings a different interaction, with many platforms only offering a text chat box to respond to you. You must read out those questions before you reply, so they know you’re acknowledging their input. According to research undertaken on YouTube, average audience retention is only between 35-40%, so ask the audience questions too. You mustn’t make the performances one-sided. Audience retention is key, and by ensuring that the viewers feel appreciated and listened to is one of the best ways to ensure they have a good experience.

If you are heading into the world of digital performance or compering, these are just a few tips to help you along the way. For more articles like this and news on insurance, bookings, and a host of other benefits, remember to stay with the National Association of Mobile Entertainers.

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