Q: Please state your name, location and profession?

A: My name is Asher Laub from Long Island, New York, I am a contemporary violinist, producer, live performer and owner of music entertainment group Fiddlers Dream Productions.

Asher Laub from Long Island, New York, is a contemporary violinist, producer, live performer and owner of music entertainment group Fiddlers Dream Productions.

Q: How did you get started playing the violin?

A: My parents took me to private violin lessons where I began learning the Suzuki method at the age of two. I looked up to my older brother who was already playing in an orchestra as as a violinist.

Q: How did you turn your love of music into a business?

A: My professional career as a musician actually happened pretty naturally when I moved to New York City to attend university. I had a few friends who played in bands in the wedding industry and noticed that I had a good ear for improvisation, site reading skills and a large musical repertoire. They invited me to play a few events and that lead me to eventually booking about 200 events per year.

Asher also breakdancing while playing his fiddle, now that’s talent!

Q: What services does Fiddlers Dream Productions offer?

A: Fiddlers Dream Productions offers a variety of services that range from DJs and MC packages, DJ orchestras (DJ paired with live musicians), live band, string sections, pop electric violin packages, DJ violin all-in-one packages, and dancers along with other musical services such as custom montages, monograms, photo booths and more.

Q: Why should someone hire you?

A: I take the reputation of my company very seriously as it has grown my reputation over the last 20 years working with over 1500 high-end clients, who expect only the best. I only work with vetted pros in the music industry. I’m also much more than just a contractor. I have personally performed for and with celebrities, and for some of the largest companies including Google, CNN, TNT and at some of the most prestigious venues including Madison Square Garden, Carnegie Hall, been featured on PBS and much more. I take great pride in live musical entertainment and connecting with audiences.

His company also offers full DJ and lighting packages.

Q: How did you hear about NAME Entertainers?

A: NAME Entertainers came recommended by a colleague in the music industry. You can see if your entertainer type is part of our memberships and join today!

Q: Why should someone be a NAME Entertainers member?

A: NAME Entertainers is reasonably priced and responsive to answering client questions.

Q: What advice can you offer a budding violinist?

A: Success in violin requires patience and fortitude. It’s a timeless and beautiful instrument that can produce tremendous rewards after putting in the effort to learn how to coordinate notes with your fingers.

Asher knows that teamwork makes the dream work!

Q: What kind of violin is the best to begin with and why?

A: Beginners should start with a student violin such as a Glarry instrument. Make sure the size is appropriate for your height, arm length and fingers so you’re able to hit the notes easily.

Q: What’s your dream performance if you could pick anywhere in the world?

A: I’d love to perform at Boonnaroo or another similar festival some day!

Q: How do clients reach you?

A: The best way to contact myself and my team is via https://www.fiddlersdreammusic.com/get-in-touch

Knowing that performance art is part of the musical entertainment is key!

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