Sharing music and melody knowledge is what music teachers love the most!

American Specialty is a nationally recognized insurance company managing general underwriter serving the sports, leisure and entertainment industries across the United States and works with the National Association of Mobile Entertainers as their exclusive insurance broker. In order to get these amazing deep discounts on insurance, you must join as a Name Entertainers member first. Each month we will be featuring one of our many entertainer benefits as a N.A.M.E member. This month’s feature is why it’s important to have insurance as a music teacher (with no home visits).

From keyboards to guitars, music teachers usually have a broad scope of instruments they cycle through.

Music teachers usually teach choir, band, orchestra, or a combination of all. A music teacher is responsible for sharing music and musical knowledge with his or her students. In lower grades, this may simply mean singing on key, keeping tempo, and learning new songs, but older grades may mean teaching range, how to play an instrument, or helping prepare for college level musical pieces. A music teacher will also be responsible for the same duties as regular education teachers. These teachers will be expected to keep grades, meet with parents, share progress notes, and perform lunch, bus, and/or hallway monitoring.

From saxophones to other brass instruments, music teachers can help talent flourish.

Q: Why should I have liability insurance?

A: Liability coverage protects you as an individual teacher and your business from third-party claims of bodily injury, property damage liability and personal advertising injury claims.

Q: Why should I have equipment insurance?

A: Your equipment is valuable and often times fragile. Accidents happen! Make sure that you have proper equipment coverage to repair/replace your valuable equipment in the event of damage to your property.

A beautiful violin like this deserves to be insured for many years to enjoy.

Q: Should I have both types of coverage? Why?

A: Liability and equipment insurance are very different coverages. Liability insurance protects you from lawsuits as outlined above and property insurance is designed to make you whole after a property loss (whole, not better). provides you with 24/7 access to your insurance information when you need it! The ability to produce certificates of insurance online and at your convenience, claims reporting and access to a licensed insurance agent.

Q: For music teachers, is there an additional charge if the music teacher’s business has more than one teacher?

A: Yes! If your business has more than one music teacher, you are able to add on annual coverage for each additional music teacher professional for $175 each. Have teaching assistants? We have coverage options for your teaching assistants as well. Each teaching assistant can be added to your policy for only $60 per teaching assistant.

Teaching assistants are a great way to keep focused with an extra set of hands, eyes and ears to help.

Q: How do we get in touch with ASI?

A: Fastest way to contact American Specialty is by email at You can also reach American Specialty by phone at 877-441-4011 or via our online chat feature at the bottom of the page.

Long live the guitar! People will never get tired of hearing someone strumming so music teachers will always be needed.

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