In order to move your photography or photo booth business to the next level, you must have insurance to be professional and debt free!

American Specialty is a nationally recognized insurance company managing general underwriter serving the sports, leisure and entertainment industries across the United States and works with the National Association of Mobile Entertainers as their exclusive insurance broker. In order to get these amazing deep discounts on insurance, you must join as a Name Entertainers member first. Each month we will be featuring one of our many entertainer benefits as a N.A.M.E member. This months feature is why its important to have insurance as a professional photographer and photo booth operator.

Q: Why should I have liability insurance?

A: Liability coverage protects you as an individual entertainer and your business from third-party claims of bodily injury, property damage liability and personal advertising injury claims. For example, a guest at one of your performances is injured and sues you as a result of the injury. Or, you cause or allegedly cause damage to a facility that you are using for your gig.

Professional camera equipment and lenses are very expensive!

Q: Why should I have equipment insurance?

A: Your equipment is valuable and often times fragile. Accidents happen! Make sure that you have proper equipment coverage to repair/replace your valuable equipment in the event of damage to your property.

Once you’re running around outside with that fancy camera, you better play it safe.

Q: Should I have both types of coverage? Why?

A: Liability and equipment insurance are very different coverages. Liability insurance protects you from third-party claims/lawsuits as outlined above and property insurance is designed to make you whole after a covered property loss (whole, not better). provides you with 24/7 access to your insurance information when you need it! The ability to produce Certificates of Insurance online at your convenience, claims reporting and access to a licensed insurance agent.

When you begin making it big time by shooting for brands, it’s time to elevate your own brand!
Photo booths also need insurance in case something happens at your event!

Q: For photo booths, is there an additional charge if a photographer has a photo booth while they are working at a gig?

A: Photo booths are a fun activity at many events and often a part of larger entertainment business. We are excited to support this trend! Our photographer insurance program allows a photographer to operate a photo booth while working a gig for no additional premium! If the operation of the photo booth requires the photographer to have an assistant to operate the photo booth during a gig while the photographer is working, coverage for an assistant must be purchased. Our photographer insurance program allows photographers to purchase coverage for multiple photographer professionals and assistants that work on behalf of the insured’s business. A photographer professional is classified as a full-time photographer that works independently at gig(s) on behalf of the insured’s business. A photographer’s assistant would be classified as an individual that provides assistance and support to the photographer professional during a gig.

Keep the good vibes flowing because no worries with photo booth insurance!

Q: How do we get in touch with American Specialty Insurance?

A: The fastest way to contact American Specialty is by email at You can also reach American Specialty by phone at 877-441-4011 or via our online chat feature at

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