James Steven Farnsworth from Naples, Florida is a violinist, music therapist and Name Entertainers member.

Q: Please state your name, location and occupation?

A: My name is James Steven Farnsworth from Naples, Florida and I am a violinist and music therapist. I perform throughout South Florida in a 100 mile range as a soloist or can be accompanied by a pianist if desired.

Q: What kind of services do you provide?

A: I provide performance for special events and eldercare music therapy. I provide a nurturing violin presentation which brings peace, joy and satisfaction for the elderly of Collier County. These sessions are designed for those in rehabilitation, hospice or palliative care and for those with physical, emotional or mental disabilities such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

I also provide music for weddings, celebrations and events like the fiddle gram, a live music gift surprise for your dear one for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and so much more! Graceful Passages offers violin music for funeral ceremonies which truly honor the departed soul. These are very delicate transitions for the family. Therefore, all presentations are carefully crafted and fully coordinated with the family, priest, funeral director and those directly involved.

Violin ceremonies are always a classy way to go!

“It has been my pleasure and honor to serve the elderly for the last 25 years. I know from first-hand experience that music can change lives,” said James Farnsworth.

Q: How did you become a violinist?

A: I started playing at 11 years old and had lessons through school and college. I grew up in a family where music was a part of our daily life. My mother, who was an excellent pianist, piano teacher and singer, evoked in me a love of music from the very start. I began playing the violin at the age of 11. My mother arranged that my brother Keith and I would consistently study and develop as musicians. We would perform together (piano and violin) at various judged recitals that were held throughout the year. Since deciding to play professionally, I chose to train with teachers of the classical realm and also with great fiddlers. These studies enable me today to offer a wide range of violin music from polished classical to Celtic, blues, Italian and jazz.

James Steven Farnsworth has been playing violin since he was a child.

Q: How many violins do you own and which is your favorite?

A: Just one, my favorite German made violin.

Q: Please explain how the bow is made? 

A: They are constructed from rosewood and the hair is the thick tail of Siberian horses.

Q: How does classical music effect people?

A: It creates a sense of presence and transports people through the full range of emotions.

Q: How would someone begin getting into being a violinist?

A: Find a good teacher, a good violin and dedicate yourself to the process of study daily.

Q: What types of music would people be surprised to hear you play?

A: Trance music, it’s actually very lovely. According to Wikipedia, “Trance music is characterized by a tempo lying between 135–150 bpm (BPM), repeating melodic phrases and a musical form that distinctly builds tension and elements throughout a track often culminating in 1 to 2 “peaks” or “drops”.”

Q: Do you have the option to make it electric? How does that work exactly?

A: Yes, via a clamp-on pickup.

Q: How do people find you to book you?

A: You can learn more about my small business on the website: www.JamesSteven.com or www.TheHealingViolin.com. According to the clients’ financial ability, 30-40 minute visits are offered with the variable fee of $80-$40-$20. Please use the contact form for your convenience to arrange for a performance. You may also call or text me at 510-292-7786 or email jsfviolin@gmail.com. I wish you a blessed day! 

Learning from a young age is key to becoming a professional violinist. But you can pick it up at any age and learn with the right teacher!

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