Ray Martinez gives N.A.M.E. President Carol Keslar a kiss during a 2019 convention.

July 31, 1955 – August 8, 2020

I first met Ray in 1995 when my deceased and beloved husband Bruce Keslar, originator of American Disc Jockey Association and N.A.M.E, National Association of Mobile Entertainers, introduced us. Ray (being Ray) warmly greeted me. By the end of the first night, you would have thought we had been friends forever. Ray was blessed with humor, sincerity and professionalism and he also had a strong sense of family values. He used these assets to seamlessly switch roles depending upon the situation.

Friends that play together stay together! Ray Mar was always there to represent NAME Entertainers at most conventions.

Personal and Fun Time

Ray, Zoila (Ray’s beloved wife), Bruce and I had the pleasure of enjoying a fun-filled DJ cruise together. This was our best vacation ever. I will always remember this happy time we shared.

Another fun occasion that stands out in my mind was when Ray stayed at our home. He was traveling through Philly to attend a baseball game and we had the opportunity to host him. He met my granddaughters and immediately connected with them and they all had a blast in our pool. This is an everlasting memory I will hold close to my heart.

Thank you, Ray Mar and Zoila.

Carol Keslar & Ray Martinez were the dream team flanked by Joe Staniszewski.

Bruce’s Passing

When Bruce unexpectedly passed away, Ray Mar immediately flew to Philly to be by my side to comfort, console and provide me with his strength. He helped me through this difficult time. Ray was such a true and loving friend, he even offered to prepare the eulogy for Bruce’s passing. Ray guided me through this time to show me that I had the capability and strength to sit in Bruce’s chair and continue his legacy and vision. For this I will always be grateful.

He encouraged me to have confidence, strength and to believe in myself. With Ray’s professional knowledge and respect that he had garnered within the entertainment industry, I knew he would be an asset to N.A.M.E. and I proudly asked him to become a member of N.A.M.E.’s advisory board. In this capacity, Ray represented us at trade shows. He warmly greeted and partied with his peers who attended the shows. This was the world that he loved.

Ray was a man of many talents and he touched many lives with his love of life. I will never forget the Saturday night he called me and said, “Hey PIA”. Ray referred to me as his work-wife PIA which affectionately stands for “pain in the ass”. “I’m sorry for calling so late, but I just wanted to talk because I am bored, back in the hospital with double pneumonia, testing for Valley Fever and Covid.” As a reminder, he had a quadruple heart bypass last year. Whenever I hear “PIA”, I will shed a tear.

Two peas in a pod formed a lifetime friendship and will never be forgotten.

In Closing

Out of my love and dedication towards Ray Mar, I wanted to share with you my cherished memories of him and to thank him for our personal and business relationship. He gave me the strength to believe in myself. This is the legacy he left me, for which I will always be grateful. He is forever in our hearts.

Also, thank you for a personalized copy of your amazing book, “Performance Beyond Expectation”, in which you shared your skills and heartfelt educational thoughts you learned through your entertainment industry experiences. Your words will continue to guide those in the industry and your work will forever live on.

Ray Martinez was also an author who wrote “Performance Beyond Expectation”.
This is the message he wrote in my book: Carol, You have been a true friend. Thank you for your love, dedication and friendship. I also thank you for keeping Bruce’s vision and legacy alive with N.A.M.E. It’s a pleasure to serve on the board. Musically Yours, Ray Martinez DJ Hall of Fame 2006
Right after I came across his book and message he wrote me, this poem made me think of Ray.

Ray Mar,

Thank you for mentioning N.A.M.E, Bruce and myself in your book.

I appreciate the faith you had in me to encourage me to continue Bruce’s vision and legacy which has now successfully advanced into our 25th year.

We did this together, my dear friend and I will forever be indebted to you.

Thank you for your support of N.A.M.E and the entertainment industry and for your loyalty, dedication and talent. 

You will be forever missed; your legacy will live on through each person’s life that was blessed with your personal and professional love and friendship.


Carol Keslar

N.A.M.E. President

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