Make sure you are covered under the American Specialty Insurance umbrella.

Q: Who is American Specialty Insurance?

A: American Specialty is a nationally recognized insurance representative serving the sports, leisure and entertainment industries nationwide.

Q: How long have you been offering entertainment insurance?

A: While N.A.M.E.’s program is unique in nature and we’ve only recently began working with your membership, we have specialized in the sports and entrainment business for over 30 years.

Q: Where is your insurance office located?

A: We are located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Q: Who are your team members and how should clients connect?

A: Our express service team manages all inquiries from the N.A.M.E. membership. You can reach a member of the express service team fastest by emailing or by calling 877-441-4011 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

Q: How far does your insurance coverage reach?

A: We specialize in providing coverage for organizations domiciled in the United States.

No matter how much of a creative musician you are, we’ve got you covered!

Q: How did you meet and end up working with NAME Entertainers?

A: We were introduced to N.A.M.E. by the previous insurance representative, Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania. American Specialty’s online platform and service capabilities is a perfect fit for N.A.M.E to streamline the insurance benefit offered through your N.A.M.E. membership and also fill the need for members to secure Certificates of Insurance online.

Q: What type of entertainers do you cover through NAME Entertainers?

A: Through a membership with Name Entertainers, we provide insurance coverage for Disc Jockeys, Karaoke, DJ, KJ, photographers or photo booth operators, videographers, musical groups, bands, music teachers, music soloists, theatrical groups, theatrical soloists, cooking demonstrators, event and wedding planners, booking agents, clowns, face painters, makeup artists, air brush artists, jugglers, magicians, balloon artists, stage hypnotists, caricature artists, public speakers, puppeteers, ventriloquist, baton twirlers (non fire), baton twirlers (with fire), officiants, non-licensed character appearances and comedians.

Name Entertainers very niche market of entertainers including clowns makes us unique and memorable!

Q: What makes this partnership unique for members?

A: Our team works hard to make every interaction with the N.A.M.E. membership a quality, efficient experience for the member so that you can worry less about insurance and focus your attention on your business. It also makes an excellent marketing tool to sell your professional services.

Q: How does someone file a claim through American Specialty when they are a NAME member?

A: Claims can be filed directly with the insurer, Philadelphia Insurance Company at

We have no tricks up our sleeves, what you see is what you get. And we also cover magicians!

Q: Do you plan on expanding insurance outside the USA?

A: The insurer, Philadelphia Insurance Company, does not plan to extend this type of coverage outside of the United States.

Q: We understand your team is very professional (which we love)! How do you keep everyone in line?

A: We are fortunate to have a creative, self-motivated and amazing team that takes pride in their work product and serving others with our professional, courteous and prompt customer service.

Bands are also covered under the entertainment insurance umbrella!

Q: Why should members be excited to work with you?

A: Because we are excited and stand ready to work with you and assist you with your insurance needs!

Q: What is the best way to get in touch?

A: The most efficient way to reach us is by email at and can also be reached by phone at 877-441-4011 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you.

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