Michael DeSchalit is a hypnotist, magician and speaker living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Q: Please state your name, occupation(s) and location?

A: My name is Michael DeSchalit from Magically Speaking LLC. I’m a hypnotist, magician and speaker based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Q: You have not one but three (!) websites which is quite impressive. How do you juggle all of these talents at once?

A: My websites are www.thehypnozone.com, www.magicallyspeaking.net and www.virtualhypnosisonline.com. It’s simple, all the things I do are related and I can upsell and sidesell any of my services… sometimes to the same buyer and/or client. In addition to all of those businesses, I also have a residency with “Hypnomania,” a hypnosis show at the Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino in fabulous downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, just off of the famous Fremont Street.

Q: How did you move from hypnosis to magic?

A: It was actually the other way around, I moved from magic to hypnosis. It’s a long story… but, the short version is that I saw an ad in a magic magazine for a stage hypnosis class and so I took it… the rest is history. 

Q: What exactly is hypnosis?

A: Voodoo, witchcraft, black magic, mind control and the dark arts… LOL! Seriously though, hypnosis is an art and a science. It’s a state of mind that allows the hypnotized subject to experience greater levels of suggestibility.

Q: Is hypnosis a form of magic perhaps or vice versa?

A: It only looks magical, but other than being a “sister” in the “magical” performing arts family it is different.

Michael DeSchalit putting a magical spell on you! Just kidding, he doesn’t do that.

Q: What did you want to be when you were a child?

A: At first a scientist, then a musician and then a magician, hypnotist and motivational speaker.

Q: How many years have you been chasing your dreams?

A: I caught them 27 years ago when I bought my first magic trick.

Q: How did you hear about NAME Entertainers?

A: From a fellow performer who told me about joining NAME in order to get stage insurance.

Q: How has NAME helped enhance your career?

A: By providing services, such as performers insurance that we would not otherwise be able to get at an affordable rate.

Q: What is some advice for budding entrepreneurs?

A: If it is truly your passion to be an entrepreneur or in the entertainment industry, then don’t even consider having a Plan B. Just never give up on your Plan A. Have a clear vision, set realistic goals and never, ever let anything take your focus off of your vision or your goals.

Q: How do you stay relevant and calm during times of crisis (like COVID19)?

A: It’s simple… I recognize that this is temporary. I know that the face of live entertainment is going to change as a result of the situation we are experiencing right now, so I am considering what I can do now to prepare for those changes. Also, I am rebooking all of the shows that are having to cancel to a later date this year or the same time next year. People will need entertainment more in the future than ever before and I really think we are going to be busier than ever. You can chose to let this win, or you can choose to be a winner. There will be a brighter tomorrow… it just might not happen until next month. For instance, my after-prom and grad night calendar is already half booked for 2021, because as the cancellations are coming in, I am turning those into opportunities for the future.

Michael encourages you to chase your dreams but think about your strategy first!

Q: What kind of services do you offer currently?

A: Hypnosis and magic shows of all types and sizes as well as presentations, breakout sessions and motivational keynotes on a wide variety of topics, all for different types and sizes of audiences globally. I also offer private coaching and mentoring for performers and entertainers who want to be able to sustain their businesses during times like this and be able to maximize their talents and thrive during the good times.

Q: What do you foresee for the future of hypnosis and magic?

A: It will always be on the forefront of entertainment because it’s mysterious, fascinating and most importantly entertaining. After every disaster, catastrophe and recession, people still crave to be entertained.

Q: How can people reach you?

A: Visit my websites www.thehypnozone.com www.virtualhypnosisonline.com and or www.magicallyspeaking.net Also feel free to email me at mcdmagic@aol.com or call 800-684-8146.

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