Learn the tricks of the trade from Neil Smith, Dandy DJ and Photo Booth!

by Neil Smith, Dandy DJ and Photo Booth

Hey, brides! Have you been thinking about trying to save cash and the frustration of researching vendor-after-vendor by DIY-ing all or some of your wedding? Then this book is for you!

Neil Smith, the Dandy DJ who we interviewed last year for the NAME Entertainers blog (and author of The Barn Wedding Book – How To Hold Your Hootenanny Without A Hitch, Pick A Perfect Wedding DJ and The Wedding DJ Bible) is back to help you weigh the pros and cons of hiring professionals to handle certain aspects of your big day versus taking it on yourself. And if you do decide to take on certain aspects of your wedding yourself, here’s all the best tips and tricks on how to knock it out of the park with style and success.

How to Ditch Your DJ and Wedding Vendors book available for purchase online.

In Neil’s book, he gets into these topics:

  • Ditching the DJ!
  • Vanquishing the venue!
  • Curbing the coordinator!
  • Ousting the officiant!
  • Firing the florist!
  • Forgetting the photographer (and videographer)!
  • Catapulting the caterer!
  • Banishing the bartender!
  • Flinging the photo boother!
  • Rearviewing the rentals!
  • Gone with the gown!
  • Cutting out the cake!
  • And… heaving the whole wedding!

There’s even a bonus chapter on Hurling The Honeymoon and much, much more! Are you ready to dig in? Well, let’s get to it because here’s how to Ditch Your DJ and all your other wedding vendors too!

Despite the provocative title, this is actually a book about the value of all the different wedding vendors which many may not be aware of and how each one can benefit the event. If someone is considering tackling a certain aspect of the wedding on their own, they can now “know what they don’t know” and make a better-informed decision as to DIY or call in the pros. And if they do decide to DIY, the best ways to pull it off successfully.

The book is available in eBook, paperback and audiobook on Amazon, Audible and iTunes respectively. If it deserves to be celebrated, it deserves to be DANDY!

Dandy DJ, at your service offering advice and books to keep you busy!

To reach Neil, call 615-200-8335, visit his website http://www.dandydj.com or email neil@dandydj.com

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