Ray Martinez represented NAME Entertainers at the Photo Booth Expo 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Photos, story by “DJ Ray Mar” Martinez

For the past 20 plus years, I have attended the Mobile DJ trade show, along with Nightclub & Bar Show and now for the last two years, the Photo Booth Expo. I have many fond memories of the MB Las Vegas Shows, but the Photo Booth Expo has truly established itself as one of the premier trade shows to attend.

Ray Martinez is all set up at the Photo Booth Expo for NAME Entertainers, ready to rock and roll!

Rob Savickis, owner and trade show producer, has become the new sheriff in town with a tremendous attitude and positive way of doing business which will no doubt attract many more attendees in the near future. Rob recently acquired Mobile Beat and starting 2021, The Photo Booth Expo and Mobile Beat Las Vegas will be combined to serve DJs and photo booth companies alike.

Savickis, along with the help of Robert A. Lindquist, former founder and editor of Mobile Beat along with Greg Tutweiler and a very talented staff, have effectively brought together a show with outstanding business seminars and over 120 exhibitors. This show has attracted over 3,000 attendees from countries all over the world.

The gang is all here! From left, Ray Mar, Tony Dee, Robert and Barbara Lindquist at the All Star Party in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I attended two seminars with were richly filled with motivation and class. Ben Stowe, owner of NLfx Professional started the series with a seminar titled, “It’s Not Business, it’s Personal.”

Ben Stowe speaks at the Photo Booth Expo 2020 about how business is personal.

Ben took us on tours of his personal life and business that has helped make him one of the most respected and successful business entrepreneurs in the industry. Honesty and integrity are a standard of business by selling people what they need, not what they want.

NLfx Professional serves their customers with care because their business is personal by continuing to grow in their relationships with their customers.

I’ve known who Ben Stowe was in our industry, but never got to know the man personally until this show. I will also say, I have never personally bought any products from NLfx Professional, but after hearing Ben Stowe’s story and the class and integrity in which he does business, I can assure you any future purchases will be made through NLfx Professional.

Ray Martinez and Ben Stowe of NLfx Professional pose for a photo.

The second seminar I sat in on was titled, “From Old School to New,” with Jordan Marshall and Sean “Big Daddy” McKee. Jordan Marshall is a young man who started Xplosive Entertainment in 2006.

Jordan Marshall and Sean “Big Daddy” McKee speak at a seminar at Photo Booth Expo 2020.

“Big Daddy” is one of the most recognized, passionate, lovable human beings on the face of God’s green earth. These two talented DJs and entertainers combined showed how entertainment should be approached regardless of your age or how long you’ve been in business. Today’s talent may have a different way or attitude in doing business, but the bottom line according to Jordan and Big Daddy is there is only one you. No matter what, you always give your best to your clients. 

You must have passion and heart to succeed in this business or any business for that fact. That is why they are in the entertainment business, they have heart and passion. It should not matter if you’ve been in the business for less than 15 years like Jordan Marshall or over 40 years like Big Daddy, work hard, be passionate, and as Big Daddy always says, “Smile As Loudly As You Can.”

Sean “Big Daddy” McKee smiling as loud as he can!

Since I’ve been attending these shows for over 20 year, and as long as I am involved in this great industry, I will continue to come to these shows to learn, network, build new relationships and rekindle old ones. More importantly, as an advisory board member of N.A.M.E. Entertainers, it is my hope to continue to serve you, the members.

Now for some photo booth scenes from the Photo Booth Expo 2020. Enjoy!

A Kobe and Giana Bryant photo backdrop was spotted at the Photo Booth Expo 2020.
Booth Masters displays their photo stations and printer covers at Photo Booth Expo 2020.
La Moda Photobooths offer a slim, easy design at the Photo Booth Expo 2020.
Who can forget the props at Photo Booth Expo? Most of these are wood which will last much longer!
Talk about some awesome props at Photo Booth Expo 2020. We’ll take the pizza!
Food props were a theme at Photo Booth Expo because who doesn’t like to eat?

I have been truly blessed to be in the entertainment industry for the past 46 years and I hope to be a part of helping others grow in their business, professional and personal lives. If I can help mentor you, please feel free to reach out to me at:

Ray Mar Productions

P.O. Box 5511

Goodyear, AZ 85338

(623) 386-8891


I look forward to seeing you at next year’s International Photo Booth Expo where you will experience entertainment, photography, technology and opportunity. The world is yours, now all you must do is conquer it. (But first make sure you have entertainer insurance including photo booth operators). Go for it!

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