Every DJ dreams about making it this big but the key is to be a professional first!

In a sea of DJs, finding the right one can be daunting. Save yourself some time and sanity with these trips from a professional who has created a successful business out of his passion! You can also search our online database for an insured, professional DJ in your area to make your hunt that much easier.

By David Hanscom, president of Y? Entertainment DJs

1. Prompt responses

Your DJ should respond to your call, email or text within 24 hours. The only exception may be on the weekends when they are typically working events.

2. Willing to meet with you

Your DJ should be willing to meet with you in person (or video conference at minimum) to discuss your event and share what they have to offer.

3. Personality mesh

Make sure that your DJ has a personality that meshes with yours and they understand and can provide the vibe you want at your event.

Make sure you mesh well with your DJ!

4. The music you want to hear

Your DJ should have a music request and planning system to allow you to provide your “Must Plays” along with any “Do Not Plays” and be willing to stick to both.

5. Know who your DJ is

You should know who your DJ will be the day of your event. If the company has more than one DJ (and they should) make sure you meet with the one you will be working with.

6. Experience in the type of event you are hiring them for

Your DJ should have experience in weddings if you are hiring them for a wedding. Your favorite club DJ might be a “great DJ”, doesn’t mean they will be a great wedding DJ.

If someone shows up with an iPod, run away fast! Their gear should impress you, not make you laugh.

7. Professional grade equipment

Your DJ should only use professional grade (industry standard) equipment and have a backup plan for any potential malfunctions or mishaps.

8. Willing to help you after the contract is signed

Make sure you aren’t going to sign a contract and then have no communication until your event date. Your DJ should be willing to discuss any necessary details and planning with you any time before the event starts and be flexible with changes and problem solving. 

9. Protect you, your guests and your event

Your DJ should have industry standard liability coverage in the unlikely event any unforeseen accidents occurred. It’s always better to be safe, a professional DJ will not even risk not having coverage. (You can join the National Association of Mobile Entertainers for rock bottom rates!)

10. Know the lay of the land

Your DJ should be knowledgeable of the venue where your event will be taking place or if not, willing to do a walkthrough of the venue with you to familiarize themselves with setup location, load in, etc. so there are no surprises.

Whether outside or in a venue space, make sure everyone knows where to go before your event.

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