Q: Please state your names, occupation and location?

A: Our names are Matt and Sharon Campbell, the owners of My Wedding Songs in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sharon is an office manager at a surgery center and has been in the medical industry for more than 30 years. Matt was a mobile DJ in the 90s. After moving to Las Vegas in 2000, Matt became a purchasing manager for 14 years and then an SEO specialist. Now Matt works on the business full time.

Q: This sounds like a love story! How did you two meet?

A: The fact that we actually connected is pretty unbelievable. We met in a Yahoo chatroom back in 1998 before online dating was really a thing. We chatted online for about three months as we were busy with our own lives. Then, we decided to talk on the phone for another three months. The biggest deterrent to not meeting was that Matt lived in Montana and Sharon lived in Vegas. But, after six months of communicating, we finally met halfway in Idaho. From there, we were engaged at the end of 1999 and married in 2002. This year will be our 18th wedding anniversary.

Matt and Sharon Campbell of My Wedding Songs while on vacation in Sedona, AZ.

Q: How did My Wedding Songs become a husband & wife company?

A: Matt has always had a passion for music and wanted to own his own company. However, turning that dream into a full-time career is a different story. Fortunately, Matt made the jump in January 2020 to be a full-time online business owner. Sharon works on the financial end of the business making sure we are stable and meeting our goals and expectations. She is also great at conferences and conventions to help share our website features.

Q: Who’s the boss?

A: This is a tricky one for any married couple running a business as you must have one. If the topic is related to money, Sharon is in charge.  Anything else, Matt is the leader as he has the online experience.

Matt holds down the fort at the Bridal Spectacular Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Q: What exactly is My Wedding Songs?

A: The short and simple answer is My Wedding Songs is a free website of song suggestions. The website features more than 600 playlists for not only weddings but lists by era, genre, dance style, musicians, special holidays and many other topics. We routinely update our Hot 50 wedding song picks, wedding day playlist, newly released wedding songs, and about 50 wedding-themed song lists. Wedding couples, planners and DJs try to keep up with the latest songs and we try our best to be that resource. Not only do we suggest the tried and true dance floor fillers, but songs not played at every wedding are also offered too. This benefits both the beginner DJ and seasoned DJs.

Q: We see you’ll be at the Photo Booth Expo from Feb. 24-27, 2020 in South Point Hotel, Las Vegas as well! Why do you enjoy the expo?

A: This will be our first time attending the Photo Booth Expo in 2020. After the announcement of the final Mobile Beat Conference, we decided to make the transition to one of the primary DJ shows in the USA. The best part is that it is located in our hometown making the logistics easier. We attend the Wedding MBA each year as well and 2020 will be our third year as an exhibitor.

Matt speaking about the magic of SEO (search engine optimization) at WordCamp Las Vegas in 2019.

Q: What is the best part about working in the wedding industry?

A: Starting from Matts days as a wedding DJ, his desire is to help wedding couples plan their personalized fairy tale wedding. We love helping couples select specific songs for their wedding that will mean something to them. The part that gives us goosebumps is when couples find a song they absolutely love for a specific moment on their wedding day such as a mother-daughter dance song or first dance song that tells their love story. We also love working with other wedding vendors too. Everyone is in the people business and sharing our experiences has been a true highlight.

Q: What do you predict for the future of the wedding industry?

A: I am seeing a double-edged sword of couples growing up in the age of social media. You either have the couple that wants complete autonomy or the couple that wants to be the star of the show. I would predict we see an influx of smaller weddings with just immediate family and friends. They will be private events with mainly socializing and partying with little focus on the traditional wedding day events. The star of the show couples will want to have a live broadcast of their wedding to share with everyone who isnt able to attend their wedding. They will want an over the top wedding.

Matt speaking at “Creating A Love Triangle With Your Website, The Wedding Couple And Google”, in November 2019. Photo by NJWedding.com

Q: How can someone pick their perfect wedding songs?

A: When selecting songs, the best place to start is to plan your wedding day timeline. This will help couples decide what events they want on their wedding day. Do they want to have the bouquet toss, cake cutting announcement, parent dances, or introductions of the wedding party? After the timeline is complete, then the couple should select songs that are meaningful to them. Dont select songs just because they are popular. Select songs that share the same story as yours. Listen to the words and the meaning behind the songs. All that being said, the opposite is true for the songs selected for dancing. I have always said that the worst song played during dancing is the one that no one knows. For many guests attending weddings, this might be the only time out on the dance floor in the past year. They tend to want to hear the party song standards.

Q: Any advice for newbies just starting out in the industry?

A: I am a firm believer that if you are going to do something, do it right the first time. If at all possible, get a mentor in the DJ industry and learn from them. They have been there and can teach you many tips like how to read a crowd and how to make professional announcements. Then start out with professional speakers, lighting and music library. Get to know the standard wedding and party songs. We even offer a download of 50 Top Wedding Playlists.

Lastly, practice mixing at home before going to a live event. Learn popular songsBPM (beats per minute) and how to mix them. Share your mixes with other DJs and get their feedback.

Matt and Sharon Campbell enjoy a selfie in sunny Nelson, Nevada.

Q: How can people get in touch with you?

A: My Wedding Songs can be found at www.MyWeddingSongs.com.  We also have an Android app on the Google Play store. If you live in the Las Vegas area, Matt is the organizer of the Las Vegas Bloggers meetup group that meets once a month. If you wish to talk personally, send an email to matt@myweddingsongs.com.

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