Meet the master of selfies, Neil Smith of Dandy DJ and Photo Booth in Murfreesboro, TN cleverly disguised as Spiderman.

Q: Please state your name, occupation and location?

A: My name is Neil Smith of Dandy DJ and Photo Booth in Murfreesboro, TN. 

Q: How did you get into being a DJ?

A: I used to be a professional guitarist and vocalist. People would hire me for their wedding ceremonies and cocktail hours, then pay me extra to stay around and play recorded music through my sound system for the remainder of the event. It started happening so much that it didn’t take a ton of bricks to figure out that I should start offering DJ services. Thus, Dandy DJ was born! 

Q: Has it progressed into other work besides being a DJ?

A: The DJ platform helped tremendously when I decided to launch the photo booth side of my business. I may soon begin offering game hosting (bingo, family feud, wheel of fortune, etc.) and expect my current visibility to be a great asset. 

Q: What type of events do you cover?

A: Weddings, corporate, church and family events within a 5-hour radius of the greater Nashville, Tennessee area. As long as it’s desired to be a clean content and family friendly occasion, I’m there. 

Q: How did you find out about N.A.M.E. Entertainers?

A: I believe I first discovered N.A.M.E. many years ago while searching for insurance options. I wasn’t happy with the professional association I was with as they were constantly and aggressively trying to sell me Vegas trade shows and their partner insurance company had terrible customer service. My experience with N.A.M.E. is quite the opposite, it has been such a positive experience.

Q: Why should someone have insurance and what does it cover?

A: Oh my, I could prattle on for days with this subject. Where do I even begin!? We carry heavy equipment in and out of rented halls often filled with drunk people, children and elderly. Then we turn out the utility lights, turn on flashing, disorienting dance lights and encourage everyone to flail about. What could possibly go wrong!? Then at the end, we tear it all down after working all day and night. We’re fatigued. We navigate our equipment through inebriated stragglers and other worn out people into the dark and try to load our vehicles and drive sometimes hours home through the night. If you don’t think you need to carry insurance, you’re a fool! Not only that, but carrying insurance is also an amazing selling point which elevates you above your competitors. Not to mention that there are many venues that won’t even allow you on the property without showing proof of insurance! I get regular last minute bookings from panicked planners who have just learned their DJ doesn’t have insurance and they can’t use them. It’s so inexpensive! I can’t imagine why people don’t buy it! Not only do many DJs not buy insurance, but they openly brag about it in online forums. I can’t even! 

Q: It looks like you are a writer too, what kind of books do you write about and how did that happen?

A: I have four books currently published. I wanted to start down the path of creating residual income and learned that you can use absolutely free tools from Amazon and publish at absolutely no cost. For the past 4 years, I have published a new book every year regarding my main business which is weddings. I don’t spend much time promoting them, but they look impressive to brides visiting my website and they trickle in some extra monthly income. If one happens to take off, the rest should get elevated along with it. My latest book is called “Psst bride! Here’s how to Ditch Your DJ and All Your Other Wedding Vendors Too!” I’m hoping to make new friends in the industry…

Q: What has been your favorite gig so far?

A: My favorite gigs have to be a toss up between Girl Scout father-daughter dances (just seeing all these dads and daughters share a rare and special time really does me in) and I also do a special needs prom every year, which I do pro bono. I enjoy using my super DJ powers for good.

A spooky set up for Halloween!

Q: What do you foresee for the future in the DJ and photo booth industry?

A: More automation. Better, lighter, faster technology and nobody needing to plug into a wall outlet (something I’m currently working very hard on). 

Q: Why should someone hire you?

A: They shouldn’t unless they have researched me thoroughly, learned what I’m all about and determined that I’m the person they want to entrust their special life moment with. That stated, my years of verifiable and easily findable client reviews speak for themselves, as does my investment in multiple professional organizations, quality of my promotions and also being fully insured. These are all good indicators that the provider you might be considering is actually worth considering. After that, it’s just communication and seeing how well you connect with each other and if you’re on the same page and how strong the provider’s desire to serve is. 

Q: How can possible clients find you both online and in real life?

A: My website is with all my contact information and social media is listed below.





Not only is Neil a great DJ, he’s pretty funny too!

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