Magician Michael Aslan has over 40 years experience and is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Q: Please state your name, age and occupation?

A: My Name is Michael Aslan and I am 66 years young based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ve worked in a variety of different fields including sales, management and as a locksmith. Now I am working as a professional magician and have worked as a magician for over 40 years.

Q: How did you become a magician?

A: I first became interested in magic when I was 12 years old and saw my first magician at a school assembly. I did not really take it seriously until I joined the Navy and met my first two professional magicians in Guam: Al Lampkin and Lord Jim. I did my first television appearance in Guam. I got more into magic, but mainly as a hobby because I was sort of an introvert. I met my wife at a small coffee house in Ventura, California where I sometimes did some small shows. After I got married, we lived in a small trailer in Pleasanton, California. I had so much magic I was not using that a time came when my wife said you have to use it or lose it. That’s when I did my first real show for a toy store in Pleasanton, CA.  We moved to Colorado and worked regular jobs, but I was always working towards doing magic full time.

Magician Michael Aslan making sure that radioactive waste is contained!

Q: What is life like in Las Vegas?

A: When I moved to Las Vegas, it was with the intention of doing magic more full time, but with two boys and a household to provide for – I did magic semi-professionally. I have been doing my own show for two years in Las Vegas and am now doing my newest show at a small hotel in Vegas. The show is called “Dr. A’s Magic Medicine Show”. It’s an old West style medicine show and I can say there is no other show like it in Vegas. Life in Las Vegas is not like anywhere else I know of. You have entertainment of every kind all around and that makes it hard to make a living unless you are different from everybody else, especially magicians. I can’t complain about the weather… here we have three months of hot weather and nine months of gorgeous weather.

You can see more magic tricks on his YouTube channel.

Q: You also sell magic products, what are they exactly?

A: I do sell magic products. At my show, I sell souvenir bottles of Dr. A’s Elixir for Anything That Ails Ya. I also sell 8×10 photos and some small magic that people and kids can do. For magicians, I make and sell dove equipment like harnesses and pulls. I also sell various gimmicks that I’ve made to produce and vanish items.

Q: How did you hear about N.A.M.E. Entertainers?

A: I heard of N.A.M.E. Entertainers through LinkedIn when contacted by N.A.M.E.’s president, Carol Keslar. I will definitely join N.A.M.E. Entertainers. They seem to have a lot of the things I can use, like insurance. If you’re not a member, check them out.

Q: Have you ever sawed a woman in half on stage?

A: I have never sawed a woman in half. The strangest or most intricate magic trick I’ve performed was when my sons were young, I put swords through them and flattened them as thin as a piece of paper.

Magician Michael Aslan performing one of his many magic tricks on stage.

Q: You also have Lock Picking for Magicians videos available, was this inspired by Harry Houdini?

A: My DVD on Lock Picking for Magicians was partially inspired by Harry Houdini and also because I worked as a locksmith for many years. In my younger years, I did some escapes. My favorite was a genuine straight jacket escape that I would do as a closing for my show.

Q: What is some advice you would give a budding performer?

A: To anyone getting into magic, I would say read books not only on magic, but also performing. If you have an organization like the International Brotherhood of Magicians or the Society of American Magicians in your area, join them. Most every city has one or both. Take theater classes so you can learn how to speak and act on a stage. Most theater classes also give you lighting, sound, makeup and other essential classes needed to make a successful show. Learn how to make a show with a proper beginning, middle and end. Learn from those that have done well. Learn how to script a show. Last but most importantly, learn marketing as you are going to need it to get noticed by those you want to see you. You can be the worlds greatest magician and fail because no one knows who you are.

Q: How can people find you online and in real life?

A: If people want to contact me, they can reach me through my website at or email me at For those interested in coming to my show in Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s Dr. A’s Magic Medicine Show at the Royal Resort Hotel in the Majestik Theater every Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for kids 12 and under. Tickets can also be purchased through Goldstar, Brown Paper ticket sales, House seats, Fillaseat, Groupon or on my website.

Pouring things in a child’s ear is all in a day’s work for Magician Michael Aslan.

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