DJ Keith Shocklee aka Wizard KJee in his element as a DJ and music producer.

Q: Please state you name, occupation and location? 

A: My name is Keith Shocklee. I am a DJ and music producer from Roosevelt, Long Island, New York.

Q: We noticed you are one of the cofounders of Public Enemy. Please tell us how that happened?

A: I grew up in Roosevelt, Long Island during a time when many neighborhoods, including mine, had their funding cut for after school activities. To stay out of trouble, my brother, Hank, childhood friends, Chuck D., Flava Flav and myself started DJing and throwing parties under the name Spectrum. The brand’s momentum continued into the 80’s securing our group radio show on WBAU at Adelphi’s University, which was a success. We started to create rap music for local artists and made this one demo that set it off for us locally. After being noticed by Def Jam Records, our group was signed to the label and renamed Public Enemy.

Public Enemy at the 28th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Q: Were you always in love with music or was it a slow progression?

A: I was always in love with music. 

Kieth Shocklee as a young child playing the drums.

Q: What makes a musician or DJ unique and able to stand the test of time?

A: DJs and music producers wanting to stand the test of time should never be followers. It is important to be a leader with your own styles and opinions if you want to last in this industry. 

Make your own way in life says Keith Shocklee.

Q: What are you currently working on?

A:  I’m excited to announce that we are working on a documentary that tells the story of the Bomb Squad during the years leading up to the formation of Public Enemy and being signed to Def Jam.

Q: We also heard you are working with Peavey on the Dark Matter speaker series. Please tell us more about it?

A: I was connected to Chris Wooten from Peavy Electronics several years ago and loved their products. It was a no brainer when they asked me to participate in the Dark Matter speaker series. Peavy Electronics is a company I truly enjoy saying “yes” to. 

Q: What is a solid piece of advice you can give aspiring musicians, DJs and producers?

A:  Learn your craft, continue to educate yourself, always be up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology. Set goals for yourself and never compromise your values and belief. Be creative, take chances and never be afraid to fail. 

Keith Shocklee killing those turntables.

Q: Do you feel that hip hop music has improved since the Public Enemy era?

A: That is a hard question to answer because there are so many artists with different strengths and weaknesses that create amazing music. It is impossible to compare and contrast two entire eras.

Q: What is the hip hop and DJ scene like in countries other than America?

A: Something that has contributed to my success in the industry is that I stay true to myself and have developed my own style. For me, the music industry is the same across the globe. I can honestly say I believe music is an international language.

Keith Shocklee repping Peavey with pride.

Q: How can people find you online and connect with you in real life?

A: My Instagram page @wizardkjee Twitter @wizardkjee Facebook @KeithShocklee and the Keith Shocklee website at 

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