Fred Poole, General Manager of Product Development for Peavey.

Q: Please tell us your name, occupation and location?

A: My name is Fred Poole. I’m the General Manager of Product Development for Peavey living in Meridian, Miss.

Q: When did you begin working with Peavey Electronics and what was your background?

A: In our industry, many of us get started wanting to be rock stars, playing in bands and trying to support our band habit by working in a music store. So, in essence, I started working selling Peavey products in a little music retail shop in Bay City, Michigan called Mid-Michigan Music in 1991. I ended up visiting Peavey for a dealer seminar in 1993 and became such a fan of the company, I told myself (and my parents) that one day I would work for Hartley Peavey. Fast forward 11 years, I was given an opportunity to represent Peavey in Illinois and started working for the company officially in the fall of 2002.

Q: How would you describe Peavey to someone who has never heard of them?

A: Dollar for dollar, Peavey makes the best equipment for DJs, musicians and professional audio engineers alike. Providing innovative solutions for our customers in every genre in which we compete has always been our goal and it always will be. Based in Meridian, Miss., Peavey is an American family-owned business. It was started by Hartley Peavey in 1965, and to this day nearly 54 years later, he continues to run the company.

Q: How did the business of Peavey begin?

A: Like most of us, Hartley Peavey wanted to be a guitar player in a rock n’ roll band very badly, but his talents were elsewhere. Hartley was very gifted with his hands and had a knack for building things. Out of necessity, he began building his own gear and gear for other members in his band. As time went by, he was kicked out of band after band (oddly enough right after he was done building their gear), he realized that his talent was not in playing the gear but in building the gear. At that time during the onset of rock‘n’ roll, no one was building gear for the working man. There simply weren’t any amplifiers, instruments or sound systems designed at a fair and reasonable price. Hartley decided he would fill that hole and the rest is history. 

Q: We hear there’s a new speaker series coming out that is blowing away the competition, please tell us about it?

A: We have several new speaker systems. Our premier speaker cabinet, the RBN, uses components that are light years ahead of our competition. While our competitors continue to use technology that is 100 years old and charge a premium price, Peavey uses modern components such as ribbon driven high-frequency devices to provide a quality of sound previously unheard of in our industry, often at the same price as our competition.

Q: What sets this apart from other Peavey speakers?

A: Ribbon driven high-frequency devices allow our customers to hear live music just as it was designed to be heard in the studio. Our woofers are truly high-power devices. Our competition uses stamped-frame low-quality woofers in their premium speakers, while we use only the best cast-frame high-power handling speakers to deliver the boom, not just the sizzle.

Q: How sturdy are these speakers?

A: All Peavey products are the best in class for reliability and performance. In almost all cases, we use more material than our competitors to create not only a great sounding speaker, but a durable one as well. All of our products are drop tested multiple times during our design phase. We want to make sure you weren’t the first person to drop it, and to ensure that when you do, in most cases you will be able to plug it right in and get to work.

Q: What models are available to purchase and what is the price point?

A: We have speakers and audio systems at all prices. Our premium RBN 12” speaker enclosures sell for around $799 each.

Q: Who are these speakers made for and what is their best use?

A: Our speakers are made for anyone that wants their audience to hear the records as they were meant to be heard – those that appreciate quality audio, and are tired of paying only for a logo from our competition.

Q: How can people learn more and purchase the new speakers?

A: Go to or visit any authorized dealer.

Get a sneak peak of the new Dark Matter speakers below on our YouTube channel!

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