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Q: Please state your name, occupation and location. 

A: My name is Joseph Marolis. I’m a full time DJ and videographer in Orlando, Florida.

Q: How did you get into the DJ & wedding industry?

A: I got laid off from a job when I was in Chicago and found an ad in the newspapers looking for wedding DJ’s with free training. The guy that trained me said I reminded him of the guy that trained him, I guess I was a natural at what I do because after being trained for only 3 events, they were putting me on my own as a DJ. I guess I was a quick learner.

Joseph Marolis is a full time DJ and videographer in Orlando, Florida.

Q: What other services does your company offer?

A: We offer photo booth, lighting and video services.

Q: It looks like you have two businesses Https:// and Https:// so you must be super busy! How did the photo and video company come about and how do you juggle it all?

A: When I first started out, it was hard to get anyone to record us in action and I had brides that wanted to come to some of the weddings we were doing to see us in action, so I decided I would invest in a camera and try recording myself in action so I could put it out there for brides instead of them coming to weddings when I was DJing. Long story short, the videos I was making were coming out pretty good and the rest is history. I learned how to edit myself by taking online classes as well as different camera settings and made the move to add that to our business.

Are you even a DJ if you don’t dance with the bridal party? Steven Miller Photography Orlando

Q: How did you hear about N.A.M.E. Entertainers?

A: I was looking for DJ Insurance and my friend I have known forever, Marc Burgess (who is also a N.A.M.E. Board member), had introduced me to N.A.M.E. From there I signed up, got the insurance and I liked the idea of DJs coming together to help each other out instead of being each other’s competition.

Q: How did you start a N.A.M.E. chapter down in sunny Orlando, Florida?

A: Marc Burgess and I were looking to reach out to new and old DJs to form a group of people who could share ideas about the best equipment to use, help other DJ’s out in a jam and share ideas with each other. N.A.M.E. was the perfect platform to make that happen.

Q: What is the point of having a N.A.M.E. chapter?

A: Probably the biggest benefit of a chapter is DJs helping other DJs while they grow in the industry.

DJ Joseph Marolis joins in on the fun which makes him well liked by his clients!

Q: Why should people join N.A.M.E. Entertainers?

A: There are many reasons including discounted insurance benefits, knowledge being shared with each other that will help the member grow as a DJ company in the industry, learning about different trends and having a resource group that has each other’s back for events that we can’t all do. Also, I would say referrals from other members is a big plus!

Q: What’s the scene like down in Orlando, Florida for entertainers?

A: It’s a tough scene as there are new companies popping up all the time that vary in price range and talent, but I guess that would be in any industry. Companies that have joined our group and work with each other have created somewhat of a family type atmosphere which makes the scene in Orlando very promising.

Q: How can people find you and join the N.A.M.E. Entertainers Orlando Chapter?

A: They can search on Facebook for Orlando DJ Networking for our public platform on Facebook: and if you are a local DJ, ask to join our private group

DJ Joe getting low at a wedding party!

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