Photos, story by Ray Martinez (aka DJ Ray Mar)

Las Vegas, Nevada has always been the happening place to host a convention, trade show or expo. It’s easy to get caught up with the glitz and glamour of the lights, the buffets and high-end restaurants, and of course world class entertainment. Las Vegas is, without a doubt, the entertainment capital of the world.

In March, Las Vegas was the scene of two back-to-back trade shows: The Marquee Show Express and Mobile Beat Las Vegas 23. I have had the pleasure of attending 21 out of 23 Mobile Beat Shows, however this year I was assigned to cover the Marquee Show Express produced by Chicago’s Keith Christopher Kokoruz aka K.C.

In June of 2018, K.C. hosted the inaugural Marquee Show in Chicago, which was attended by more than 150 people from all over the country. I wrote an article about that show giving K.C. extraordinary props for the way the show was produced and the content provided.

The Las Vegas Marquee Express Show was a day and a half show opening up prior to the Mobile Beat 23 Show. Expectations for attendance were high with the exceptional lineup of speakers that included colleagues, Jeffrey Greene, Andy Ebon, Marz Lawhorn, Jeffrey Craig Siber, K.C. Kokoruz, Scott Faver, and Anthony Salas Jr.

Jeffrey Greene speaks at the Marquee Show Express in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Jeffrey Craig of Siber-Total Entertainment speaking with NAME logo in the background at Marquee Show Express in Las Vegas, Nevada.

K.C. also brought in Kate Patay from Patay Consulting who happens to be the Chief Strategy Officer of Patay Consulting, a firm designed to help businesses and individuals find their unique brand and voice. She is a recognized international speaker and consultant with credentials that have influenced many businesses for nearly 20 years. Kate has also spoken at various conferences for The National Association for Catering & Events (N.A.C.E.), The Special Event, Wedding International Professionals Association, Wedding MBA, The Association of Bridal Consultants (A.B.C.) and The Event Planners Association, just to name a few. Her presentation of “Defining & Communicating Your Brand’” was billed as a seminar that shouldn’t be missed – it hit the mark by being both enlightening and educational.

Some pointers at The Marquee Show Express in Las Vegas, Nevada.
More pointers at The Marquee Show Express in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since the Marquee Express Show is a fresh face in the industry, attendance does need to build. The quality and content of this show was amazing and would benefit anyone in the DJ industry, regardless of career history. I was not an attendee to any seminars at Mobile Beat 23 this year due to prior entertainment commitments, but I heard a few good things about that show.

Branding ideas at The Marquee Show Express in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Colors as branding at The Marquee Show Express in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Color branding ideas at The Marquee Show Express in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Objective ideas at The Marquee Show Express in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Keeping it real at The Marquee Show Express in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For the past 23 years, I’ve attended trade shows nationally, internationally and regionally. It takes time for shows to grow in size. Each trade shows offers a different perspective and focus. Having the industry work together to educate DJs elevates not only the industry as a whole, but also the individual DJ. Being inclusive helps us all, I’m specifically referencing embracing all trade shows.

For over 20 years, our collective egos have driven us down the path of jealousy and has gotten in the way of our own progress. A few weeks ago, I was assigned to cover the Photo Booth Expo which is only in their fifth year and they have joined together to have over 1,500 attendees and over 130 exhibitors. They have their show together because there is no drama!

I’m delighted to give a play by play recap of some of the fabulous seminars I heard at the Marquee Express Show. As statistics show, only 5 percent in our industry are the ones that attend these trade shows to learn and to grow. If you are part of the 95 percent who don’t attend and are satisfied with the status quo, you are losing money.

With 45 years of experience in this industry, even this old dog can learn new tricks. With the changes in technology, marketing and younger generations, veterans of this industry must keep up with the times. That is why I choose to look past the number of people who attend these shows. Regardless of size, there is always room for education. I want to thank my colleagues, including Kate Patay, for all their great ideas and for sharing their resources so I can continue to live the dream.

Please make sure you attend the main Marquee Show in Chicago, Illinois from July 8-10, 2019. As the show grows in size, your business will surely grow with the quality of content you receive.

Some takeaways of marketing ideas at The Marquee Show Express in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Some suggestions for WordPress plugins for your website at The Marquee Show Express in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Keeping lines of communication open are key at The Marquee Show Express in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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