Richard Barker, celebrity hypnotist to the stars.

Q: Please state your name, location and occupation.

A: My name is Richard Barker, the Incredible Hypnotist, located in Orlando, Florida.

Q: How did you get into hypnotherapy?

A: It was by accident as a serving police officer in the UK. I learned NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) first.

Q: When did it become a full-time profession?

A: The year 2001, I was making more money as a hypnotist than as a detective.

Q: Your website says you are a “celebrity hypnotist to the stars” which is amazing! How did that happen?

A: I became the most televised hypnotist in modern history. I have hypnotized many celebrities, however I cannot mention any names for legal reasons.

Q: Who have you hypnotized that our readers would know?

A: There are many famous people that I cannot reveal… my YouTube videos will show you some though.

Q: What was the funniest experience so far on stage?

A: OMG! There are so many – from a power outage during the middle of a show to losing a volunteer for several hours because he thought he was an undercover FBI agent, he was so good he hid from me for hours.

Q: Do you prefer on stage hypnotherapy vs. one on one?

A: I like it all – stage, street and clinical.

Q: Have you ever been hypnotized? If so, what did it feel like?

A: I get hypnotized regularly and it helps me relax and gives me inspiration.

Q: Why do people get hypnotized?

A: For fun or for health benefits.

Q: You also help businesses with marketing. Do you use hypnotherapy to get clients (we’re kidding)?

A. Actually, yes! All sales happen on an emotional level and hypnosis is emotional. I wrote a book called “Selling Hypnotically” that covers the art of selling that anyone can use. It is great for DJs at weddings, fairs, etc. 

Q: How do potential clients find you?

A: I have an excellent marketing strategy that has consistently made me a considerable amount of money. I am happy to share my Marketing Ninja hacks Boot Camp and am offering a free class for NAME members, visit this link to learn more:

Not only is Richard a well known public persona, he is also a stage hypnotist which is part of the insurance NAME Entertainers provides our members!

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