Q: Please state your name, age, location and title?

A: My name is Joe Pianos. I’ll be 48 years old this year and live in Oceanside, NY in Long Island.

Q: Who is Joe Pianos and what exactly does he do?

A: I’m a professional entertainer. I do a one man band show on piano and vocals. I entertain 4-5 hour parties large and small.

Joe Pianos in his element, singing and performing. He does it all!

Q: When and how did you start playing piano?

A: I started at around 5 years old. My dad was a musician. Later on, I started helping him set up and break down on his gigs eventually jumping in on a few songs.

Q: How did you find NAME Entertainers?

A: My band mate connected us. I’m also part of a larger party/event/wedding band occasionally.

Q: Why should a musician join NAME Entertainers?

A: Aside from being a great way to network, NAME membership offers many perks and discounts especially for your insurance coverage needs. If you’re a professional performer, becoming a NAME member makes perfect sense.

Q: What are all the different talents you offer clients?

A: Piano, vocals an emcee who is personable and fun and a “lite” DJ.

Q: What is it about the piano that you love so much?

A: It’s a release from the grind and always has been for me. It takes me to a mellow place.

Q: What sets you apart and makes you successful?

A: As a solo musician, I cover many genres spanning decades appealing to most generations. I also try to make every performance into a fun show band scenario. I gauge the crowd and become personable with them. I always try to budget in effect lighting for the stage area and dance floor. It makes a more “showy” atmosphere. I also DJ music that I couldn’t cover (i.e. female artists, orchestral pieces).

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to budding musicians out there, what would it be?

A: If you’re pursuing being an entertainer, be open minded to learning as many genres as you can. Not only will you appeal to a larger audience, but it will also broaden your musical language.

Q: How can possible clients or curious fans find you?

A: My website joepianos.com has a current show schedule and links to my social media pages like Facebook and Instagram. Also, please search for me using #joepianos too!

One man band Joe Pianos also performs at weddings.

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