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Q: Please state your name, age, location and title?

A: My name is Gregory Curran, 49, from Abington, Pennsylvania. I am the owner of DJ Greggie C (, DJ Entertainment School ( and See You Photo Booth (

Q: How did you get the name DJ Greggie C?

A: Greggie was a nickname used by my family especially my niece, Stephanie, who coined the name DJ Greggie C.

Q: How did you start DJing and how long have you been a DJ?

A: I started DJing with my home stereo equipment for friends in the 80’s. In college I had my own show on 91.1 WBUQ at Bloomsburg University. I was then trained by the pros and I have been a DJ for 30 years now.

Q: How did you find NAME Entertainers?

A: I have been attending the DJ Expo in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the past 25 years straight. In my first year, I hooked up with them.

Q: Why should a DJ join NAME Entertainers?

A: As I always tell the DJs in ALL of my seminars, the benefits they offer are amazing – including insurance – and the service is beyond excellent! I also remind the DJs not to wait until the last minute to get their insurance or additional insured certificates.

Q: What is the most memorable DJ gig you’ve ever gotten?

A: Donovan McNabb’s birthday on The Moshulu in Philadelphia or a WWF World Wrestling Federation Party after Wrestlemania in Philadelphia. 

Q: What is it about the DJ life that you love so much?

A: The MUSIC, the people and the energy I create! When you do what you LOVE, you will never work a day in your life.

Q: What sets you apart and makes you a successful DJ?

A: I interact with my crowd, teach dances (If needed), entertain them by getting from behind my DJ setup and on the dance floor. I also beatmix and scratch where needed.

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to budding DJs out there, what would it be?

A: ALWAYS be early for everything (gigs, calls and meetings). FOLLOW UP and always be prepared for emergencies!

Q: How can possible clients or curious fans find you?

A: You can check me out here, my DJ Entertainment School here and my podcasts here

DJ Greggie C has been in the DJ business for over 25 years and has some advice for you! Vince Piecyk Photography

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