Q: What is your name, age, profession and where do you live?

A: My name is Jon Wayes. I’m a 26 year old hypnotist in Indiana.

Q: How did you hear about Name Entertainers?

A: My friend and colleague, fellow hypnotist Chris Jones.

Q: How does being a NAME member help your business?

A: NAME helps ensure my clients feel safe, insured and overall looked after.

Q: What inspired you to become a hypnotist?

A: Initially, there was a cute girl in middle school and after reading about hypnosis training offered through the magazine Things You Never Knew Existed, I thought maybe I could hypnotize her to want to kiss me. That was the first real consideration for hypnosis before eventually learning that’s not quite how it worked. Years later, I went for professional training after hypnotizing random people for fun and realizing it was working, but not understanding why.

Q: Is it true not everyone can be hypnotized and if so, why not?

A: Hypnosis is mental/physical relaxation. So from that standpoint, everyone experiences hypnosis daily to some degree. Hypnotic Phenomena, where people react to commands, varies based on factors such as the person’s focus, ability to relax, psychological condition, etc.

Q: Tell us about your comedy stage hypnosis?

A: I’m a New-Age Hypnotist meaning I’ve developed a new approach to comedy stage hypnosis while most others are still presenting hypnosis in its popularly cliche format. Needless to say, this has led to multiple high schools and universities labeling me their “Best Hypnotist” and rebooking me up to 12 months in advance.

Q: Why perform comedy and not regular stage hypnosis?

A: Comedy hypnosis has actually become synonymous with stage hypnosis. Thus, it has become a normal (and rapidly growing) requested form of hypnosis.

Q: How can people find you and follow you?

A: Those intrigued by psychology/hypnosis can follow my Facebook (Facebook.com/JonWayesEnt), Instagram (@Hypnotista) or my YouTube where I upload clips from recent shows & demonstrations (YouTube.com/JonWayes). To inquire about my services, please visit JonWayes.com. Additionally, for those looking for free (or professionally thorough home-based) hypnosis lessons/trainings, they can visit HypnoKick.com.

Jon also wanted to add that there’s no “sunken place” as certain movies have scared the general public into believing. You can’t get “permanently stuck” in hypnosis.

Stage hypnotist Jon Wayes will put you to sleep!

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