DMC DJ Battles is the biggest, most prestigious and legendary turntablist battles in the world. From DMC battles, legends are made. Being a DMC World or National Champion continues to be one of the most sought after titles for DJs, worldwide! DMC USA can boast of such champions as DJ Craze, DJ Qbert, MixMaster Mike, DJ Chris Karns, DJ Cash Money, DJ Cheese, Grand Master Roc Raida (RIP), DJ Shiftee, DJ Precision and many more!

The year 2017 was an especially great year for DMC! DJ Perly became the first lady DJ ever to win a DMC US title! Dwells, still in high school, became the youngest DJ to win the DMC US Supremacy title and placed Runner Up in the 2017 DMC Battle for World Supremacy in London. DJ Rena from Japan, at the age of 12 yrs, became the youngest DMC World Champion in history, breaking A-Trak‘s record from 1997 when he won the DMC World DJ Championships at the age of 15!

DMC USA saw more youth entering our regional battles than ever – including viral sensation DJ Kool Flash, who placed in the top 6 at the 2017 DMC DC Regional. Given DJ Rena’s World title win at the age of 12, we expect to see many more youth inspired to take up DJing and Turntablism!

2018 DMC US Supremacy Champion: DJ Toltech

2018 DMC US Supremacy Champion DJ Toltech.

2nd place: DJ As-One: Bethesda MD

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2018 DMC US Scratch Champion: Rayted-R

2018 DMC US Scratch Champ Rayted-R.

2018 DMC Cincinnati DJ Champion: DJ MoTo 

2018 DMC Cincinnati DJ Champion DJ MoTo.

 2nd place: DJ NuEra: Cleveland OH

3rd place: DJ FingerSmith: Brooklyn NY

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2018 DMC Dallas Champion: Tums

2018 DMC Dallas Champion Tums.

2nd place: DJ Ivan G: Grand Prairie TX

3rd: DJ Frank-Dux: Lewisville TX

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2018 DMC DC Champion: DJ As-One

2018 DMC DC Champion DJ As-One.

2nd place: DJ FingerSmith: Brooklyn NY

3rd place: DJ Kool Flash: Silver Spring MD

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2018 DMC NYC Champion: DJ Kool Flash

2018 DMC NYC Champion DJ Kool Flash.

2nd place: ASAP Handswell: Bel Air MD 

3rd: DJ Steel: Beachwood NJ 

(photo by Ignacio Soltero)

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2018 DMC Las Vegas Champ: DJ FlipFlop

2018 DMC Las Vegas Champ DJ FlipFlop.

2nd place: DJ Phonics: Las Vegas

3rd place: DJ Notch: Denver CO 

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2018 DMC Tampa DJ Champion: Knockers  

2018 DMC Tampa DJ Champion Knockers.

2nd place: ASAP Handswell: Bel Air MD 

3rd: DJ Philo: Orlando FL

2018 DMC Denver Champion: DJ Throdown

2018 DMC Denver Champion DJ Throdown.

2nd place: Ambideckstriks: Tacoma WA

3rd place: DJ Notch: Denver CO 

2018 DMC Chicago DJ Champion: DJ Remedy

2018 DMC Chicago DJ Champion DJ Remedy.

2nd place: DJ NuEra: Cleveland OH

3rd place: DJ Gilateen: Waukeegan IL 

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2018 DMC Los Angeles DJ Champion: SlasherKut

Los Angeles DJ Battle Winner DJ SlasherKut.

The last battle of the 2018 DMC US Finals – where the 9 regional DJs compete to be the US Champion – will happen in August. City and date to be announced, stay tuned!

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