Andrew Starr wears many hats including a DJ one and is a search engine master of websites!

Q: Please state your name, location and title?

A: My name is Andrew Starr from Scottsdale, AZ. I am the owner of

Q: How do you know Name Entertainer’s president, Carol Keslar? 

A: I knew her late husband, Bruce Keslar, before Carol took over to run NAME. 

Q: You were originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What prompted you to move to Scottsdale, Arizona? 

A: I’m originally from Philly and grew up there. I came to Arizona in 1985 to attend ASU (Arizona State University) to study broadcast communications.  

Q: You own, what exactly is that?

A: is the official online directory, for Mobile DJ services in the U.S. and Canada (since 2004), providing an online outlet for additional exposure and visibility in their service area(s) as potential customers search for DJ services for their wedding, private event, company/corporate events or any event type. We also have a Photo Booth directory named It’s the same type of site, but for photo booth operators. 

Q: How many members do you have and where are they located? 

A: We have thousands of qualified, active DJ (and photo booth) members in the U.S. and Canada. If you’re not in the directory, it’s FREE to create an account and display your business in the directory for everyone to see. 

Q: Is signing up with free? 

A: Yes… it is FREE. Go here to sign up: We do offer upgraded listings for additional exposure and visibility within their service area(s), ranging from $49 a year to $599 a year. And NAME members get a discount! 

Q: Why should someone hire a DJ over having their sister/brother/aunt/uncle do it? 

A: Experience is the most important thing. Knowledge, dependable, talented, interactive with professional equipment and a complete music library and knowledge of all types of music. The ability to talk on the mic, plus understand how to read the vibe of the crowd, rather than someone simply playing music.  

Q: Do you recommend being insured as a professional DJ? If so, why? 

A: YES! Most venues today require a certificate of insurance and some venues go a step further requiring their name on the certificate. Plus, the liability insurance offers equipment coverage as an optional benefit. Most importantly, it’s always a good idea to be covered for unforeseen liability situations, even if the venue doesn’t request it.

Q: What is the future of DJing? 

A: Nobody can tell what the future brings, but as DJs at events have been more mainstream and accepted in place of a band – especially at weddings with a solid foundation – the future for DJs is very positive and exciting.

Q: Please give a couple tips for an aspiring DJ? 

A: It’s important you learn all types of music in all eras. Go to many events (multiple types) to observe other DJs. Practice talking on the mic at home. Pay attention to your audience when playing music and learn how to read the “vibe” of the crowd. Every event is unique and be prepared to make adjustments throughout your event. It’s about THEM not YOU! 

Q: What’s the key to success in the DJ world? 

A: Work hard and be attentive to your client(s). Know multiple music types, from all eras. Feel the “vibe” of the crowd and event and play into that. Be flexible and open minded. Be professional. Communicate with your client and listen to what they want and request. Dress appropriately. Be on time (the earlier the better). Have a back-up sound system in place and game plan in case of an emergency. Remember, you are hired to work for the client so always keep in mind that your client and people attending the event come first!

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