Perhaps the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland inspires your clown look? Go with it, just make sure you fit the bill like this whimsical tea party in the background.

Now that we’ve gone through all the steps of how to dress like a clown, how to do clown makeup and how to act like a clown, let’s get you out and about and make some money! Through these simple steps, you’ll be working on a side business that may turn into a full time business someday. And either way you decide to go, we have you covered with entertainer insurance for a day, week, month or year!

1. Hone your clown skills. Maybe you are a clown who attends a lot of children’s parties and balloon animals are big in your world. Perhaps you are the prankster clown always squirting people with water from your lapel flower. Maybe you enjoy old school slapstick humor or the classic move of pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Or your clown persona could be a big klutz, falling over things and doing small acrobatics. Whatever it is, make sure people love it!

2. Get your branding going! Don’t make it hard for people to find and book you. You can easily create business cards online or have a professional make one. Take a clear photo of your finished clown face so people can remember you easily. And make sure your email, phone number and website (if you have one) and social media are on the card too! You can also create flyers and post them around the neighborhood too.

3. Start out small. Everyone has to start from scratch, so consider doing some free work first. So it’s not an unknown environment, offer to perform free for a friend’s child’s birthday party. If you knock it out of the park, you may get some paid offers from impressed parents at the party. Referrals are always best so bug your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors for some contacts too. Feel free to give them stacks of business cards to pass out as well!

4. Put yourself out there. We see street performers all the time! Now you can try your hand as one of them but make sure it’s legal first. Nothing would be sadder than a clown in handcuffs! Set yourself up on a busy street and don’t forget to put a hat – or ridiculous bucket – down for tips. Place easily accessible business cards nearby. Clowning on the street is a wonderful way to meet all walks of people while perfecting your performance.

5. Know your worth. Don’t sell yourself short. If you’ve practiced your heart out and are getting more popular, you can increase your rates. Take the costs of your labor (makeup, props, transportation, etc.) and factor that in. A good beginning rate is somewhere between $50-100 an hour while famous clowns can charge up to $500 an hour! But most importantly, have fun. Because isn’t that what being a clown is all about?

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