Learn from the masters themselves in this video by the Ringling Brothers on how to be a clown!

Now that you’ve learned how to dress like a clown and how to apply makeup like a clown on our blog, it’s now time to learn how to act like a clown. And who would know better than Ringling Brothers? Watch the video above and read on to learn more.

Get ready for your big debut! And remember, we offer clown insurance for those who want liability coverage in order to be safe and sound.

1. What kind of clown are you? Is your clown personality happy, sad, shy, funny, a klutz or the center of attention? Will you perform balloon tricks, spray water out of a fake flower or scare people with a fake snake jumping out of a jar of fake nuts? Make sure your character matches your makeup and outfit. Also being able to improvise is key to fleshing out your clown persona.

2. What is your clown name? We’ve all heard of Bozo the clown. It seems to be popular to add an “o” to your name to make it sound fun and funny. Make sure whatever name you chose, it is not already taken as this is how people will know and find you to hire you!

3. Don’t forget the suitcase or hobo bag! As a clown, you have to have tricks up your sleeves like card tricks and handkerchiefs for juggling. How about some fake fingers or trick candy? And don’t forget about the never-ending stream of silk scarves that you pull out of your sleeve!

4. Research your clown craft. Always look to elevate your clown persona with different tricks such as juggling and slapstick humor. Exaggerated physical activity which exceeds the boundaries of normal physical movements is always entertaining and quite ridiculous.

5. Practice makes perfect. Practice in front of the mirror in your full costume and makeup. Ask a group of friends and/or family to judge your performance. Network with other clowns. Ask everyone you trust to evaluate your act and tell you where you might have lost them along the way or bored them to tears. You can also gauge what is funny and what is not during that time too and make sure the length is just right.

6. Join a clown group. Yes, there is a whole world of clowns out there that belong to groups which support aspiring clowns. Our website Name Entertainers offers a search for entertainers in your area who could end up being possible mentors too! These groups and people can also help decide if you want to be a full-time clown or freelance for fun. Happy clowning around!

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