If you learn best from videos, here’s a handy and adorable clown makeup tutorial guide to get you started and inspired!

Don’t worry! Doing clown makeup isn’t as hard as it seems, we promise. Follow our handy guide to applying clown makeup like a pro until you get your own style going. Feel free to play around and most importantly, have fun! That’s what being a clown is all about.

1. Give yourself at least a half hour to an hour to apply clown makeup. Get all your materials and lay them out. That will include a thick white cream (and powder if you want), red and black face paint (or any other colors you love) and a set of makeup brushes as well as face sponges.

2. Wash your face, moisturize and make sure it’s dry. Like any painting artist, you have to make sure you are painting on the right canvas. Use makeup wipes with built in moisturizer if you are short on time.

3. Paint your whole face white – or part of it. Put on a headband or bobby pin your hair back first. Make sure to coat your face and eyebrows thick and even with help from a sponge and thick makeup brush. If you are going for full on clown makeup, paint your neck and ears white too!

Don’t do this clown makeup look, always apply white face paint evenly.

4. Make new, dramatic eyebrows! This is where you can set the tone of your clown face. Using the black face paint and a thin brush, make your brows as bushy or thin as you want above where they would normally be. It helps to draw them in with black eyeliner first so you can fill in the gaps.

5. Get ready for oversized ruby red lips! The bigger the better and you can either outline your lips in red or black, depending on preference and then fill them in like paint by numbers. Are you a sad clown or happy? You decide!

6. Add your own designs. Check out the video above for inspiration but add shapes you like first. Other ideas include painted triangles above and/or below the eyes, outlined in black with a dot at the point of the triangle farthest from the eye, red circular cheeks, huge eyeshadow that extends to the eyebrow, freckles in vivid colors and fake tears.

Remember, you are creating your own clown persona so you could take all this advice and not follow any of it! Sometimes a clown is more subtle like below. But whatever face you create, make sure it’s yours and unique so everyone recognizes you immediately!

Here is a very subtle clown makeup look.

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