Take inspiration from this clown doll and his colorful outfit!

So you want to be a clown, eh? First pinpoint why you want to be a clown. Do you want to make children and adults laugh? Is it the fun of dressing up and being silly that lures you? Regardless of what inspires you about that red nose, you need to look the part. And remember, when you go professional, we’ve got you covered with clown insurance! So if anyone trips over your oversized shoes and falls, we’ve got your back. But first let’s get you dressed the part. Here are some tips on how to be a convincing and hilarious clown:

1. Get a crazy, vibrant colored wig! Sure, you can get a cheap one at a discount store but if you’re diving in fully, go to a costume shop. Some clowns like big, fluffy rainbow wigs and others like a solid color with maybe some sparkle. Switch it up, especially if you have multiple clown personalities.

2. Get bright shirts and oversized pants! If you’re just starting out, a thrift store works well. You can always sew on ridiculous buttons and add overalls later. Some clowns like prints such as oversized stripes and paisley while others like primary colors. Also layering jackets over top works well too just make sure you’re not in drab, boring colors… unless that is your clown persona. The world is your stage so make it count!

3. Choose a bow tie or regular tie! The bigger the better when it comes to choosing a tie or bow tie because your outfit is already way too big for your britches. And the old squirting flower in the lapel of your suit jacket never grows old.

4. Find obnoxious socks! Whether you are showing them off or not, they will be seen under those oversized clown shoes. Think bright red and white socks like Ronald McDonald or a big polka dot pattern.

5. Buy those oversized shoes and red nose! Almost every clown wears enormous shoes that are bright and shiny and easily found at a costume shop. And let’s not forget the round red nose, that’s the telltale sign for any clown!

One of our next blog posts will be about doing clown makeup, it’s easier than it looks and is tons of fun! While you get your wardrobe ready and test out your new clown status, be careful of approaching children without their parents. Clowns can be intimidating and some people, including children, are afraid of clowns. Don’t worry, just smile, nod and mosey on to more clown friendly audiences!

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